The Monumental Statue of Time, in antithesis with the Rabbits’ Island located right in front on the West side of the Main/Central Boulevard, symbolize the spiritual condition in which the human soul travel beyond the limits of space and time. This amazing statue represent Cronos, the God of time, that is leaning on the sand clock, device to measure time, and he is bent under the weight of the years. In fact, the rock that he has on his shoulder symbolize the years: twelve faces like the twelve months of the year; different shade of light on each face in relation of its distinct sun illumination…faces brighter or darker symbolizing that some years are better, but other are worse. Finally, Cronos looks toward the sunset and has the wing because ‘Volan col Tempo l’hore e fuggon gli anni’ (‘Fly with time the hours and escape the years’ – inscription on the basement of the monumental statue).